我不能相信多少我们周日的车间re me out and relaxed me. It has helped me through a life changing event. On the way home I found myself at times laughing uncontrollably. It was awesome. When I got home I found myself whistling and humming. All the guilt, anger, and frustration seem to be gone. I don’t have to carry that pain any longer. In addition to feeling better mentally and physically, I have also noticed a change with the tremors. Prior to my release with David, the tremors came in more of a jerking motion and I was not able to experience them up through my torso.

Since the workshop the tremors have become more like rolling waves. They seem to penetrate deeper into my body. Last night I actually noticed them rising up to my neck. And instead of crying as I did at the workshop, I found myself laughing and not just chuckling, but deep belly laughing. It was kind of funny because when Taylor heard me he came in my room and asked if I was alright. My response was, I have never been better.

For many years I went to counseling, took medications and tried to deal with the trauma in my life. I was misdiagnosed many times. Words like anxiety disorder, panic attacks, depression, and even Bi-polar were used to describe me. I knew they were wrong, but it seemed no one would listen. The doctors kept text book diagnosing me without realizing the depression, anxiety, and panic attacks were all symptoms of a deeper problem……Trauma.
Robert Scaer MD, Author of the Body Bears the Burden: Trauma Dissociation and Disease
Robert Scaer MD, Author of the Body Bears the Burden: Trauma Dissociation and Disease
Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises, TRE, is a route to healing that I not experienced from any other modality. I have been a physician, a psychiatrist, and a Gestalt Specialist for 35 years. I am now teaching TRE to all my clients as a healing modality.
While I was present and emotionally aware during my TRE session, my true ‘aha’ moment did not fully land until about three-quarters of the way into the session. My general emotional response to the exercises had been one of laughter and an increasing sense of lightness in my body. But then something magical happened. I realized that I’ve been living my life with a critical disconnect between my emotional mind and my physical body. It was as if a sort of ceremony was being both created and experienced simultaneously by these two disparate aspects of me. I described this experience to David as ‘it’s so sweet’, but it’s actually more profound.

I was experiencing recognition of an aliveness that is innate within my physical body and allowing it, with gratitude and compassion, an opportunity to fully express itself without any mental censoring. I experienced my physical body’s natural intelligence. My awareness is that if I take my mental mind out of the picture, my body has the ability to tremor me into a more natural state of homeostasis. What is more difficult to put into words is what this reconnection means. It sounds nonsensical, but it’s a bit like finally getting the realization that there is an older wiser part of me that I have somehow unconsciously been marginalizing.’
Hullo - 它的艾里斯斯图拉特写给你。我今年早些时候在德班做了2级研讨会。当我告诉你时,我会记住我,当我犯着我的焦点时,我会告诉你我是那个觉得我需要把手放在我的寺庙上的人,当我这样做时,我的手刚刚开始按摩自己的舞台!好吧,我很乐意只给你一个更新,因为TRE正在帮助我这么多。

I usually tremor for 20 or 30 minutes at a time, and for the first half of the session I just let my body do its own thing – and here the tremoring remains in the legs and abdomen – then I put my hands on my temples and the tremoring becomes much stronger. After a while my hands start to massage my temples and the sides of my head. At this point the tremoring stops in my legs and moves up into my chest and shoulders.

A couple of weeks ago I went for a second ES Teck scan which showed that the blockages in my carotid arteries have cleared and my blood pressure is now normal. The scan showed that there is still a shortage of oxygen in parts of the brain, but I feel sure that once there is enough life force in these areas, the problem will correct itself and this will happen in time.

But what I am even more excited about, and what I really want to share with you, is how much TRE has helped me to grow spiritually. I am a spiritual healer and reflexologist and I have been able to feel my own inner love and peace, but it has only been since doing TRE that I have been able to access my inner joy as well. This has meant so much to me. To me, these feelings are our soul qualities – they are there within all of us, they are the real us – but we only become aware of them as we shed the layers of negativity, stress and tension. Now I feel that I can move on and nurture these precious qualities and help them to blossom. As I begin to feel these qualities more and more, so I am feeling more clearly the Oneness of all life, my Oneness with God, and this is such a wonderful feeling.

For this I cannot thank you enough.

I have found that when I have my hands on my temples and the tremoring stops in my legs, I feel it very strongly in my psoas muscles. I have heard it said in my yoga classes that as you activate the psoas or hara so you feed the fire that opens the heart to love. So it would seem to me, David, that you are giving us all a way to learn to love again – a way that is incredibly simple, beautiful and will be acceptable to the majority of people because it is seen as a purely physical exercise. And the timing is perfect as this is so much a time when we need to learn to love again.

God Bless and with love
When the war started in my country I was 19 years old, and I lived through two years of the horrors of the war before coming to Denmark in 1994 as a refugee.

War is not a pretty thing, and it is difficult to explain the effect it has on those who live it day to day. My home was in Sarajevo, so we were in the middle of the fighting. Most days there was no electricity or clean water, and hunger was constant, and at one point I was wounded by a grenade blast.

I saw people wounded and bleeding. I saw the pain in the eyes of the people and heard the same stories over and over. Everyone was suffering. In my family some were injured and some died. Those who survived the war were left disabled – both physically and emotionally. Besides my family, I lost many dear neighbors, friend, classmates and acquaintances.

Upon my arrival in Denmark, I began to feel pains in various parts of my body. I went to doctors and hospitals to try to find the source, but they told me there was nothing. As the years went by my symptoms got steadily worse – both mentally and physically. I could no longer bare the pain and wanted to die.

I had daily headaches and pain in my pelvis. My legs were heavy and painful, as were my hands, and when I slept I lost all feeling in them. I had nightmares every night, and each day was constant suffering.

I went to see a psychiatrist and did psychotherapy. I took multiple pills daily for PTSD, depression, sleep and pain. My children and my faith in God sustained me, nothing else.
Last year, in 2010, I was a participant in a workshop in Denmark with Dr. David Berceli, along with my psychiatrist, who was treating me at the time. For four days I attended the workshop at the Jarmsted Psykoterapeutisk Center, and with the assistance of Dr. David Berceli, Ole Ry and Susanne Andres, did TRE 2 or 3 times each day.

在那些4天后,我痊愈了创伤和身体的痛苦。我的日常头痛随着我的背部,骨盆和武器的痛苦消失了。我对生命的能量和热情已经归来 - 大!噩梦停止了,我从8到10个小时睡了,没有醒来。


Five months after the TRE workshop I started to work at the psychiatric clinic, not as a social worker – which I am by profession, but as a TRE instructor. This gives me the chance to help people with similar problems and show them that I am living proof of the benefits of TRE. It has been exactly one year since I got my life back, fully healthy, satisfied and happy! I like TRE and I love my body.
I thank God for showing me the way to Svend Thordsen, my psychiatrist, and to Svend for taking me to the workshop. Thanks to Dr. David Berceli for TRE and thank you to Ole and Susanne for all your time and effort.

TRE – thank you for giving me my life back!
Carol Swanson, PhD
To have access to releasing trauma without having my clients having to relieve or re-experience trauma events is very exciting. TRE is the most rewarding work that I have become involved in working with clients.
Carol Swanson, PhD

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